TechUP Women has made connections with groups across the Midlands and North of England that share our aims of getting women and underrepresented groups into tech. We are excited to be welcoming some of these inspirational groups at our residential weekends but whether you enrol on the TechUP programme or not, these organisations are here to help you. Why not check out your local group and see what they are about?

Code and Stuff - logo

Code and Stuff is a weekly coding and networking community for women and Non-Binary code newbies and developers in Manchester.

Django girls logo

Django Girls is a non-profit organization and a community that empowers and helps women to organize free, one-day programming workshops by providing tools, resources and support. We are a volunteer-run organization with hundreds of people contributing to bring more amazing women into the world of technology. We are making technology more approachable by creating resources designed with empathy. During each of our events, 30-60 women build their first web application using HTML, CSS, Python and Django. We inspire women to fall in love with programming through free Python and Django workshops, create open-sourced online tutorials and curate amazing first experiences with technology. You can also see a list of our upcoming events here –

Code Up logo

CodeUp is a learner-led monthly meetup for adults learning how to code. You tell us what you need support with, and we will do our best to help. With professional developers on hand to help, don’t struggle alone, let us help you develop your skills, for free!

Our passion is learning. As we reach adulthood, attending a learning environment so often comes at a cost. Any cost is a barrier. We believe in providing the opportunity for adults to learn how to create great digital experiences; whether that’s writing an app for a smartphone or creating a website for fun.

Most importantly, we provide that opportunity without the barriers; we don’t sell you anything and we won’t charge you anything. We’ll give you a way to learn digital skills in a fun, friendly and inclusive environment.

All we ask is to bring along your enthusiasm a drive to learn something new.

All branches are listed here and contact can be made through Meetup –