TechUP is a tech training initiative that focuses on training individuals from minority groups into tech careers. Working closely with industry the TechUP team creates programmes tailored to industry needs whilst also ensuring every participant gets an amazing learning experience.

Our award winning programme TechUPWomen took 100 women from the Midlands and North of England, particularly from underrepresented communities, with degrees or experience in any subject area, retrained them in technology and then gave them the opportunity to interview with a company for an internship/apprenticeship/job.

In 2021/22 TechUP used our award winning training model to deliver two government funded Skills Bootcamps in Data Engnineering and Software Developement over 14 weeks.

In our newest project we have partnered with the Institute of Coding and Santander Universities to design and deliver a free introductory digital skills course, Your Digital Pathway.

TechUP Women

Tech Training

The retraining programme, developed by the Partner Universities in conjunction with the Industrial Partners, has modules at level 6/7 and includes:

  • Technology: coding, data science, cyber security, machine learning, agile project management.
  • Workplace readiness skills: public speaking, clear communication, working as a team.

Industry Partners

For Industry Partners, there are four key benefits to partnering with the programme:

  1. Positive contribution to improving diversity.
  2. Opportunity to recruit from a diverse pool of talent.
  3. Volunteering opportunities for your staff.
  4. Your business promoted as a partner of TechUP.

Find which industry partners are currently engaged with the programme here.

Programme Participants

For Participants, there are four key aspects to the TechUP programme:

  1. online or residential weekends with training, workshop and speakers, bringing together Participants, with the academic and industrial organisations.
  2. Continuous access online training to complement and enhance the residentials.
  3. At the end of the programme successful participants receive a certificate of completion and an interview with a Partner employer.
  4. To assist with the sustainability of the programme in future years, successful Participants will be encouraged to become ambassadors for the IoC-TechUP programme.

Are you considering a career change into the Tech industry?

TechUPOnline, our new online learning platform, includes our TechUPWomen Taster Course designed to give learners a taste of the technical and confidence building content you can expect to experience as a participant of a TechUP programme.

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Watch the video: TechUPWomen – 2019/20 Programme Overview

TechUPWomen 2019/20

Our 2019/20 cohort completed the TechUPWomen programme in January 2020 with our final residential weekend and graduation ceremony in Nottingham. You can find out more about the programme here, and many of their stories can be found on our blog page.

The Future

Following the success of the first cohort the TechUP team are now looking for new industry partners in order to run this programme again, if your organisation would like more information on partnering with  future TechUP programme please get in touch via our contact us page.

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